What Size Of Water Softener Do You Need

Water softener sizing tools are making a buzz on the internet these days as they help in picking the right size softener for home. Alas, many tools fail to incorporate softeners competency into the computation.

This results to incorrect size of water softener, hence high salt consumption (approx 2000 pounds) which is 3 times more than a correct sized efficient water softening system. Did you purchase after a consultation still it botched? It is because dealers whether online or in the store do not understand the concept behind salt efficiency with respect to the sized model.

Why Water Softener Efficiency Matters?

The efficiency of the water softener is directly linked to the amount of salt it requires to run the system. If you ensure this beforehand, you will never run out of salt and every penny you pay will be a payoff. This will also be save energy as well as minimal salt depletion rate.

Right Sized Water Softener:

This solely depends on the water quality and adequate water quantity required to run a system. This maximizes the output and water flow amid low salt usage. 

Check “daily softening requirement” that means how much hardness is present in water which is to be removed on daily basis. This is calculated in two aspects:

  • Water hardness level
  • Water expenditure

Water Hardness: Water hardness depends on the number of minerals (calcium and magnesium) dissolved in water. When a water hardness test is performed the result is measured in mg/L (milligrams per Litre) or GPG (grains per gallons).

The industry’s standard way is through GPG, which you will be able to know the grain of hardness needed to be aloof per day.

Water Consumption: Another factor used to estimate the right sized system is to determine your water consumption. Water bill is the best way to know the monthly expenditure. By this, you can estimate daily water usage (on an average).

Water Softener as per Conditions:

Till now, we have anticipated the local conditions and water utilization you need to know for water softening per day. This is generally done on weekly basis. Why once in 7 days? Weekly regeneration strikes a great balance between resin beads keeping it fresh and no depreciation of the valve. All the softener parts move only during the regeneration cycle. A water softener averagely uses 50 gallons of water per regeneration.

Calculation For Water Softener:

Multiply the GPG by 7 days of water consumption units. By this, you will know the correct size water softening system to install.

  • Hardness: 20 grains per gallon
  • People: 4
  • Water consumption: 70 gallons
  • Days: 7

Let us take an example: A family of 4 persons with 20GPG consuming 70 gallons of water should buy: 4 people *70 gallons*20 GPG*7 days= 39,200-grain capacity.

As the regeneration cycle only reactivates about 94 percent resin beads, you need to buy a softener which works on higher capacity. That means, for 39,200-grain capacity, you will need a softener close to 45,000-grain capacity. However, this requires a huge amount of salt.

By looking at the efficiency factor, the capacity has to bear 38% of regeneration loses. The recommended softener would be 1.38*39200 grains= 54096 grains.

Hence, as per the above calculations, a properly sized water softener should be the 60000-grain system. Fleck 5600SXT is such type of water softener because of its high grain capacity .


So was that post helpful? Well, you should always remember that all water softeners are differently sized. That said, if you are buying any bathroom appliances like electric shower or water softener online, just scroll down to look for the capacity it offers (in grains per gallon). If it fits your requirements, then go ahead and purchase or else you should call an expert. Still confused? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving us your valuable opinion in the comments section below.

5 Amazing Ways to Keep Water Pipes Clean

Cleanliness is second to godliness. Well, we are yet to find out who exactly said this but we can agree whomever it was they were right if you don’t agree let’s take a step back and take that one instance your pipes were clogged. Huh, things were not pretty when this was the case so without wasting any more time let’s look at ways we can keep our water pipes clear and also clean not forgetting the countermeasures that we can take to make sure they are not clogged any time soon.

1. Dispose of grease on containers

Grease is one element that is found in most of our foods, therefore after having a beautiful meal plate containing grease are more likely to end up I the sink. This gives the culprit which y this case is grease, a chance to ruin the fun in the long run. However, disposing of all the food remains in a container can prevent you the hustle of having to chase geese down the drain when it accumulated enough to start giving you problems.

2. Use Drain Grate

Drain grate is a cover that can be used to cover your sink and help you prevent big objects from going down the drain. There are many varieties to choose from; you just have to visit your plumber supply shop and choose one of your likings. These draining grates help you keep out small objects that might rig trouble I the log run after accumulation such as tiny bones that may be left out after dinner.

3. Use Hot Water

Run hot water on the sink after each use. Pouring extremely hot water through the sink will ensure that all the grease that may have escaped our drain gate if you happen to have one will be melted and converted into the liquid form that ca e easily drained out of our pipe. Occasionally doing this will render your pipes clog-free while at the same time saving you the expense of having to call the plumber down the street come fix clogging issues in your house.

Also ReadWhat Size Of Water Softener Do You Need

4. Vinegar

Pour one cup of vinegar and let it stay for 30 min then chase it with hot water. Surprised at what vinegar can do! well, let me surprise you more by informing you that it is not only a home remedy for your cold but can also be used to help keep your water pipes clear and eliminate any odor that might accompany clogging either caused by naturally occurring elements such as potassium or sodium.

5. Commercial cleaners

Well at times thigs ted to get a little out of hand and we have to call a higher power to intervene when the issues of a clogging become dangerous, and the proposed methods tend not to work, it is about time to phone a commercial cleaner to come to your aid. Since this is their specialty, they have all the necessary tools to do the jo they will bring strong chemicals that will eat away the clog and leave your pipes sparkling clean at a fee of course.

If you paid attention, you would realize that keeping your water pipes clean is more of a process than a single destination kind of a journey. Therefore, in order to continue to have clear and clean pipes, it will require you to observe most of the tips we have talked above more frequently in order to be on the safe side. If you liked the article why not educate your neighbor and friends on how to keep their pipes clean.